George Gousios – Founder

Geia sas! I am George and I was I was born and raised in Athens, a city that I love.

From a young age I was impulsive. I always want to be better and at the same time wiser, I am quite sociable and I externalize my feelings to others always guided by honesty.  I seek perfection in everything I do, selflessly and with a unique motivation to become better and better.  From a young age I was professionally involved in catering, being a lover of good food, good drink and unparalleled quality in service and hospitality.  Since 2016 I am the owner of a restaurant in Athens, a project that I dreamed of carrying out for many years.  Another project that I dreamed of as a child is now becoming a reality, in another place that I love, Paros!  Coming from 2010 uninterruptedly, the peace and tranquility that this place offers made me want to live more and more here.  My love & courage for business could not but affect me on the island I love and having people next to me that I love and respect, we felt the need to express our vision to you.  we are here to provide you with high quality services.