Experiential Travel

We are a new company that specializes in Experiential Travel, help Travelers focus on experiencing the island of Paros, by connecting to its history, people and culture. We concentrate our efforts in producing quality travel, responding to the particular needs of present times while anticipating the demands of the future, having as our ultimate goal to exceed your expectations.

We try to promote Paros as a cultural destination, being an island rich in history and traditions, with stunning landscapes and beaches and famously hospitable and kind people. Not only do we know the region like the back of our hand, but we’re able to keep abreast of any exciting new events and services, as well as any small detail and variation that may affect your private travel Experience in this beautiful island. We understand tourism not only as a leisure activity but as an educational yet pleasant journey through culture and social expression.

We are committed to offering travel services of the highest quality by expressing through the planning of your Experiences our energy and enthusiasm.

We choose to focus on doing few things but in the right way.

Our Team

Dimitris Zikos - Founder

Kalimera! My name is Dimitris. I have studied busines administration and the tourism industry it was always be my passion. Ever since I was a child my dream was to travel all over the world, meet other countries and create memories, having travelled abroad in more than 28 countries and 75 cities, I am sure that the only way to have a place engraved in your memory is by engaging with the locals, tasting the traditional cuisine and walking in places that no touristic guide can reveal. So, I am waiting for you in Paros to show you what it really feels the Cycladic Living! So let me get you familiarized with the essence, the style and the beauties of our island!

George Gousios - Founder

George Gousios Founder Geia sas! I am George and I was born and raised in Athens, a city that I love. From a young age I was impulsive. I always want to be better and at the same time wiser, I am quite sociable and I externalize my feelings to others always guided by honesty. I seek perfection in everything I do, selflessly and with a unique motivation to become better and better. From a young age I was professionally involved in catering, being a lover of good food, good drink and unparalleled quality in service and hospitality. Since 2016 I am the owner of a restaurant in Athens, a project that I dreamed of carrying out for many years. Another project that I dreamed of as a child is now becoming a reality, in another place that I love, Paros! Coming from 2010 uninterruptedly, the peace and tranquility that this place offers made me want to live more and more here. My love & courage for business could not but affect me on the island I love and having people next to me that I love and respect, we felt the need to express our vision to you. we are here to provide you with high quality services.

Elefteria Preda - Sales Manager

Kalimera from Paros! My name is Eleftheria and I was born and raised in Bucharest from Romanian father and Greek mother. Since I was a child, I always loved reading stories about the Greek myths, gods and heroes. I grew up in the urban districts of Bucharest, enjoying all my summer holidays in Greece, a fact that made me adore the sea and the sun. While earning a degree in business management, I spent the last couple of years working as a manager for a few hotels in Greece. I enjoy working with the diversity of people that come and go in a hotel. It is interesting to meet so many different types of people. I can’t wait to meet you, share the beauties of my country with you and discover your story as well! I love swimming but also savour a good meal and a glass of good wine. I really like to enjoy everyday small things and share my passion for the Hellenic way of life.

20Natural preserved beaches
50ideas for trips & sights (museums, Venetian Castle, old English government building etc)
100multitasking activities (hiking, diving, swimming in thermal springs, boat trip around the island)
100Settlements and small villages to wander around, eat or drink


The enchanting landscape along with the kindness and generosity of the inhabitants, will surely win your hearts. You will create bonds, friendships and memories that you will want to live over and over again. Our land will not be just a tourist destination that you must see, but a “home” that you want to visit again and again.