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Eva’s wine tastes & more experience around the wine …

Eva’s wine tastes & more experience around the wine …

You’ve probably heard it many times – wine tastes better when it is produced. This is true in the case of Paros, where the simple cuisine, which doesn’t require complicated maneuvers or elaborate preparation, allows the flavors of wine to shine throughout.

The vineyards of Paros occupy approximately 1,200 acres, mainly planted with the white Monemvassia and red Mandilaria varieties. When blended together, these two varieties yield a unique red wine, as the white Monemvassia adds aromas and softens the roughness of Mandilaria. Monemvassia is also used for the production of a dry white wine.

Eva, our oenologist, explain us why the vineyards of Paros has never been blighted by phylloxera: on the most part, a flat island with a strong summer wind (called meltemia) and limited to minimum rainfall during the summer period, but also with higher levels of humidity than other Cycladic islands. The vines are planted on rich calcareous, sandy and sandy-claye soil that is the result of erosion from the slopes of Mount Profitis Elias. The central part of the island is mountainous with an altitude of 724m (2375 ft.). The vines grow freely in bush form, many of them self-rooted. The old wood extends horizontally and young shoots grow vertically, creating a floor covering of vines, a system known locally as aplotaries (from the Greek verb ‘aplono’, which means ‘to spread’).

Eva will certainly helps compound your idea of living life to the fullest, and of course, becomes a talking point and a privilege to be invited for a wine tasting event especially given the fact that your love affair for good food and the good life is well known. 

Nature, magical sunsets, hikes, landscapes and fine wine. That’s Villa Mira summed up for you. Paros is well known for its beautiful vistas, culture and amazing food.

Also, you’ll create your appetite by taking part in exciting activities of swimming in the turquoise water of the Aegean Sea, and when you’re done, you’ll came back to have a delectable experience.

Vinotherapy and a bike ride: Ever fancied riding through surreal and peaceful villages, olive gardens and then heading to our pool area and have a special massage that treats your body with wine cream? Vinotherapy may not have that mass appeal but it is an experience that is definitely worth taking, especially if you have gone through Paros’s beautiful, laid back country roads on a bicycle.